"Regular Division of the Plane II," © Copyright, M.C. Escher, "Escher on Escher: Exploring the Infinite."

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"A long time ago, I chanced upon this domain in one of my wanderings I saw a high wall and a premonition of an enigma, something that might be hidden behind the wall, I climbed over it with some difficulty. However, on the other side I landed in a wilderness and had to cut my way through with a great effort until - by a circuitous route - I came to the open gate, the open gate of mathematics. I walk around all alone in this beautiful garden, which certainly does not belong only to me, but whose gate is open to everyone."


Creating in Escher's Garden


out-of-the-box thinking

Tessellation Artwork

I have always been fascinated by the graphic images created by the brilliant M.C. Escher. Even as a young boy, I would study his many incredible tessellations,  lithographs and prints. I would sketch and attempt to replicate his ingenious designs which was a beautiful marriage between imagination and mathematics. It wasn't until recently that I was reading "Escher on Escher: Exploring the Infinite" (1986, Abrams, New York), where I stumbled upon the passage printed on the right. Escher was a master at what he did, and he welcomed other artists to join him in his garden of creation. I am very pleased to walk through those open gates, and participate in a creative process of design and tessellation which M.C. Escher founded so many years ago.

When I worked at a graphic design firm "The Art Dept," I designed a logo for them to use around the holidays. Tapping into my "Escher-isms" thought process, I created a logo that could be read both right-side up, and upside down. Enjoy!

"2-Way Flow: Eagles," © 2018, Jon Hoefer