Written by: Ed Koch & Pat Koch Thaler

Foreword written by: President Bill Clinton

Illustrated by: Jonathan Hoefer
Publisher: Zagat Publishing
Publication date: September 2011

Zagat is proud to publish the children's book Eddie Shapes Up. Written by esteemed three-term New York City Mayor Ed Koch and his sister, Pat Koch Thaler, Eddie Shapes Up is the story of a boy who with the support of his friends and family decides to change his lifestyle in order to make his life happier and healthier. With a foreword from President Bill Clinton and beautiful illustrations by Jonathan Hoefer, this anticipated bestseller will inspire readers of all ages to eat right, exercise regularly and to always join the fun.




Basel Life Magazine


"This new offering by Ed Koch and Pat Koch Thaler really passed a tough test. Our grandchildren, ages 13, 9, 7, 5 and 3, three boys and two girls, were all captivated and entertained by this honest and entertaining new book on a topic they all hear a great deal about from their parents, grandparents, teachers and other adults. Without sermonizing or being very inflexible, the authors show that Eddie learns from his own peers how to stay healthy and more fit, making diet and exercise changes little by little. Kids of all ages will love this "easy to digest" message, the wonderful illustrations and the frank approach of this uniquely told tale."

"Basel Life Magazine" is an English monthly magazine published for the expats in the community of Basel, Switzerland. Founded in 2012 by Christine Pesold, Susanne Hiller and Jon Hoefer, the periodical continues today. The magazine focuses on the many traditions and events which occur in the city, and the editors translate information from Swiss German, German and French to bring this important information to the ever growing English-speaking community in Basel.

"I worked with Jon for four years on the creation and production of Basel Life Magazine. Jon is a very talented designer (and photographer) who always incorporates new and interesting ideas, with a meticulous attention to detail. Jon’s exceptional business skills, enthusiasm, and creativity make him an absolute pleasure to work with."

Christine Pesold, PhD
Basel Life Magazine

"Eddie Shapes Up"

"Pun Intended: Welcome to the Punny Farm!"

Created & illustrated by: Jonathan Hoefer
Publisher: Mascot Books
Publication date: September 2017

This one goes out to the PUNS we love! Welcome to the  PUN-derfully witty, purposefully playful book of farm-fresh twists on common words and phrases.This laugh-out-loud, eye-rolling, groan-inducing, all-audiences book takes you on a side-splitting journey to the PUNNY farm and beyond!

"Hilariously Clever! This very clever ‘punny’ book sets itself apart with its delightfully expressive illustrations that will have you looking at the English language in a whole new light. It is good clean fun that can be truly appreciated by young and old alike, with enough complexity to have you find something new each time you read it." 


I have worked in the 4-color printing and publishing industry for over twenty years. From the earlier years of 'round-the-clock press checks for 300+ page catalogs, to working on many printed corporate communication pieces, my career allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the printing process, with an appreciation for the printers I have had the pleasure of working with. More recently, I have illustrated two published books and art directed a monthly magazine in Basel, Switzerland.

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